Jembe Ashok

jembe ashok

Ashok in Anuroopa TV Serial


Role of a clever politician, misusing his political power for his personal benefit.

Produced by Suvarna

Nominated - Best Villain in Kannada TV (2016)

Ashok in Anuroopa TV Serial
Ashok in Padmavathi TV Serios


Role of a virtuous chief priest of the Goddess Padmavathi temple, whose beliefs are tested when his daughter want to marry out of his community.

Produced by Colors

Nominated - Best Supporting Actor in Kannada TV (2017)

Ashok in Padmavathi TV Serios
Ashok in Prakruti Film


Lead role of a farmer in this film based on UR Ananthmurthy's short story, which explores the dichotomy of values during the troubled times of migration from rural to urban.

Produced by ArtFilms

National Award 2014 for the Best Adapted Screenplay, Karnataka Chalanachitra Academy Award Special Jury Award for Film 2014 BIFFES

Ashok in Prakruti Film
Ashok as Karna in Pampa Bharatha Play

Pampa Bharatha

Lead role of Karna in this retelling of Mahabharatha through his point of view.

SAMUDAYA | Director: Pramod Shiggaon


Ashok in Beechi's Play

Nam Tim Tana

Lead role of a modern guru's grey side in this black comedy based on Beechi's short stories.

WASP | Director: ...

Ashok in Maduve Hennu

Maduve Hennu

Lead role of the bridegroom in this tragic play written by H S Shivaprakash to explore the cruel irony of human condition and of man's relationship with nature.

ANEKA | Director: Suresh Anagalli

Ashok in Sahebara Sarkeetu

Sahebara Sarkeetu

Lead role in this humourous play on the challenges in public education, based on a autobiography of a teacher, set in the post-independence era.

KRIYATIVE THEATRE | Director: Pramod Shiggaon

Ashok playing a doctor in Ibsen's Enemy of the People

Enemy of the People

Lead role of the doctor in the Ibsen's play about truth and morality.

SAMUDAYA | Director: Pramod Shiggaon

Ashok in Maduve Hennu


Lead role of Hamlet - the dark side in this original Shakespearan play.

... | Director: Iqbal Ahmad

Ashok in Macbeth


Lead role of Macbeth in this Kannada adapatation of the original Shakespearan play.

ANEKA | Director: Suresh Anagalli

Ashok in Woyzeck


Lead role in this German play on the theme of working class tragedy.

RAFIKI | Director: Anmol Vellani

Music by Ashok in Lysistrata


Composed background music for this historic greek comic play about one women's mission to end the Peloponnesian War.

JAGRITI | Director: Jeff Teare