jembe ashok

My acting journey began with joining a theatre company for 4 years, where I discovered the actor within. My devotion to this art has led me to play various roles from Jesus Christ to Karna of Mahabharatha. To hone my theatre skills further, I spent a year with Khalid Tyabji’s theatre ensemble in Hampi. Off the stage, I have tried a hand at everything from set design to direction. My acting has led me to be part of many prestigious theatre festivals and being included three times in the National Theatre Festivals organized by Sangeet Natak Academy. I have played lead roles in various Kannada Theater for more than 15 production over the last decade.


Some selected performance from the last two decades of theatre in India and Abroad

Film & Television

Film: Prakruti

My first lead role in a Kannada movie is for Prakruti - a feature film based on a U R Ananthmurthy’s short story. I play the lead role of Sankappiya. It will be releasing in 2014.

I am looking forward to playing more roles in films in the coming years. My focus is on parallel / art movies and I am eager to experiment more within this medium.

Awards for Prakruti

Prakruti has won the National Award 2014 for the Best Adapted Screenplay - the award states for “retaining the concerns and values of an original work by a celebrated author while adapting it into the cinematic idiom.”

Prakruti has won in the Kannada Cinema Competition, the Karnataka Chalanachitra Academy Award Special Jury Award for Film, which was awarded at the 7th Bengaluru International Film Festival 2014 (BIFFES) and carries a cash award of Rs 1 Lakh. Receiving the awards are director - Panchakshari and producers - S Lakshmi Devi, V Ashok Kumar, Panchakshari. The citation reads - “This film radiates the deracination of the marginalised agrarian people sunk in bare living and social distress. Also, it explores the dichotomy of the values, systems, consideration and priorities during the troubled times of migration from rural to urban.”

Television: Anuroopa & Padmavati

I play one of the lead characters in Anuroopa, a Kannada TV project in 2016 with Suvarna channel. I was playing the role of a clever politician, misusing his political power for his personal benefit. This roles was nominated for the Best Villain of 2016 in Kannada Television- Suvarna.

I play one of the lead characters in Padmavati in this Kannada TV project in 2017 with Colors channel. I was playing the role of a chief priest of the Goddess Padmavati temple. He is a virtuous priest and his beliefs are tested when his daughter want to marry out of his community. This roles is nominated for the Best Supporting Actor of 2017 in Kannada Television - Colors.